How to Be OUTRAGEOUS and Win Big


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Guest: Mikki Williams, CSP, “a speaker who lifts you up and never lets you down!”

Episode in a Tweet: A little OUTRAGEOUS can go a long way towards communicating your vision and injecting new life into your company.

Quick Background: Mikki Williams is a popular public speaker who regularly shares the stage with TED Talk luminaries and industry titans like Tony Robbins and Suzy Orman. Mikki purposely cultivates a BIG persona. Her personality is big, her speaking performances are big, and her brand is more than just big — it’s OUTRAGEOUS. Is your company growing stagnant or complacent? If so, you may need some outrageousness to shake up your office and get your employees to Make Big Happen. And in this episode, Mikki shares some ideas on how to shake things up and get the energy flowing again.

Transcript: Download the full transcript here.

Key Insights on Making Your Business Outrageous

Mikki Williams: My mantra is, “Be Outrageous!”


1. Find your own  personal “outrageous” …

OK, so you’re not Lady Gaga (but if you are, run with it!). Maybe you’re outrageous in more of a Dick Fosbury way. The first time Fosbury tried to perform the Olympic high jump backwards, everyone thought he was nuts. Now every top high-jumper in the world does the Fosbury Flop. Trying something new can be just as outrageous as trying something shocking — for both you and your team. What if you try to pump up your annual shareholders meeting with pop songs? What about opening your door more during business hours to invite input from your management team? Heck, I once rode an elephant to work to try to get my company thinking big! Find your outrageous and make it an important part of your company’s identity. 

2. … but don’t lose your authenticity.

Your employees see you every day. Potential clients and customers probably follow you on social media. You’re already a known quantity. People know when you’re being real, and when you’re putting on a pose, whether it’s an ineffective leader trying to put on a CEO Pose, or canned State of the Company speech that your audience reads as a detached Speaker Man Pose. You can try to take your brand and your company to a new, exciting, outrageous place, and still be yourself.

3. Make storytelling a part of your business.

A good business leader is a good communicator. What story is your business telling? How can you amplify that story, that message, that vision for the company? Stories can help explain complex ideas in ways that everyone can understand. They can also incorporate personal examples that will appeal to your audience emotionally, and demonstrate that this business isn’t just any business, it’s YOUR business. Maybe your story is an adventure that pushed you to achieve something big, something impossible. Or maybe your story is a personal struggle that taught you how to live and love to the fullest. Tell your story, and apply its lessons to your business.

4. Learn from the best.

A good CEO is always learning, from researching the competition to taking lunches with other CEOs to talk shop. But if your communication skills are lagging, you might need a pro speaker like Mikki to coach you up. Taking this step can be hard for a lot of CEOs. A lot of them feel funny about outside help, because they already feel like they can do everything. That entrepreneurial spirit helped get you where you are. But if you don’t constantly identify ways you can improve your performance and then take steps to make those improvements, you might be getting in your own way. Coaching helps.

Top Takeaways

1. Don’t be afraid to be a little outrageous if you think it will take you and your business out of a static comfort zone and make your vision more relatable. Just don’t lose what is authentic about you in the process

2. A good CEO should be a good storyteller. Engage your employees and customers on an emotional level and you’ll both understand each other better.

3. If your entrepreneurial ego is standing between your business and the potential for new growth, get out of your own way. Get a coach, and get better at being the boss.

Transcript: Download the full transcript here.

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