Leslie Michelson On The Most Critical Factor Most CEOs Pay Little Attention To

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Guest: Leslie Michelson

Episode in a Tweet: How entrepreneurs and CEOs can become savvier consumers of healthcare services so they remain in top shape to run their companies.

Quick Background: Leslie Michelson is a serial entrepreneur whose latest company, Private Health, is pioneering a new way for consumers to find the absolute best healthcare in the world. Using technology, data analytics, and a network of more than 6,000 of the world’s leading physicians and surgeons, Leslie’s company separates the good from the great and helps consumers get the best care possible. In today’s show, Leslie shares specific ways you can make better healthcare choices that could, quite possibly, save your life and your business.

Transcript: Download the full transcript here.

Key Insights

Leslie Michelson: The best healthcare goes to the savviest consumer, regardless of their wealth.

Leslie Michelson: The first mistake people make is they don’t recognize that they need to become active participants with their physicians.

1.  The notion that the best care is reserved for the wealthiest people is wrong.

Leslie said the best healthcare, “goes to people who are the savviest consumers of healthcare.” Knowledge is truly power in this situation. And to start, he said, “You should have a strong and enduring relationship with a primary care physician.”

2.  To some degree, heredity is medical destiny—so know yours.

By collecting your family’s medical history, you may save yourself a lot of heartache from a misdiagnosis. The next time you are at a family gathering, take some time to share and write down highlights of your family’s medical history. Keep it handy so when a medical situation strikes, you’re ready to share it with your attending physicians.

3.  Collect your medical records, scan them to a PDF, and attach the PDF to a contact on your phone.

Your medical records are your property. Leslie said contact your medical care providers and have them send you all your records. Then summarize them, digitize them, and store them in a PDF that is readily available. By doing so, your physician will have key data they need to treat you when the next emergency strikes.

4.  When a non-emergency medical condition strikes, follow a structured approach to solve it.

Instead of immediately jumping to make a decision, Leslie said the first step is to, “Stop, take a deep breath, gather yourself, just as you would any other difficult business issue, and get into a rational mode.” The second step is to, “Get back into balance by disaggregating the data collections part of the process from the decision making part of the process. He reveals several more steps in the podcast.

5.  You can easily find the world’s leading experts on any medical condition by doing some basic internet research.

Leslie said there is a philanthropy associated with every disease. All you have to do is Google the name of the disease, click on the philanthropy that shows up and lookup who is on their scientific advisory board, or their medical advisory board. Those are the people who will have distinguished themselves and then you just need to contact them. He also shared a second simple way to research the top experts in each area.

6.  The “tragic treasure trove” could save your life.

The internet contains a vast treasure trove of sophisticated, yet readily available, medical data and information on every disease and medical condition known to man. The “tragic” part is, “People don’t know the importance and the value, and how easy it is to use,” said Leslie. He shares specific websites on the podcast including NCCN.org and PubMed.org that we should all use for medical research.

7.  Healthcare crises don’t come by appointment so it’s critical to know the best emergency rooms in your area.

Few people know the American College of Surgeons rates all emergency rooms on a Roman numeral scale of I to V, with I having the greatest capabilities. Click here to search for the top trauma center in your area and make sure your family is aware of this so you’ll know where to go in an emergency.

Coaching Takeaways

1.  Becoming a savvier consumer of healthcare services could save your life or the life of a loved one. One quick key is to establish a strong and enduring relationship with a primary care physician.

2.  When a medical situation arises, follow a structured approach to solve it. Similar to a business problem, follow the protocol outlined by Leslie to methodically tackle your non-emergency issues.

3.  Leverage the internet to research your medical issues and to find the world’s best physicians and surgeons. It’s freely available so take the time to use the resources mentioned in this podcast.

Transcript: Download the full transcript here.

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